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Human Rights and ICT amid COVID-19

Professor Changrok Soh at Korea University

"Korea is considered to be successful in the prevention of COVID-19. Excellent medical staff, high-quality national consciousness, and excellent IT technology, which shone in the crisis, are cited as factors for the success of the quarantine. Nevertheless, the problems of human rights and discrimination that our society misses during responding to COVID-19 are never light."

















The Korea-EU CSO Network talked about ICT technology and human rights amid the COVID-19 crisis with Professor, President of Human Asia, a human rights organization and director of the International Human Rights Center at Korea University.


Professor Changrok Soh, who has been quarantined as a COVID-19 confirmed patient, will talk about the issues of privacy violation, the controversy over the electronic wristband, social stigma, and discrimination that occur amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

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